Flea Control for Indianapolis

At Bed Bug Treatments for Indianapolis, we have been getting several calls regarding our flea control services in Indianapolis. Fleas can be a very difficult pest to deal with because they multiply and infest a space so quickly. You don’t even need to have pets to end up with a flea problem inside your home…any wild animals roaming through your yard carrying fleas could definitely infest your yard. You then bring them inside unknowingly, causing a problem inside as well.

Complete Flea Solutions in Indianapolis

indianapolis flea control
Keep your pets and family itch-free; call us for flea control!

When you hire our Indianapolis flea exterminators you can be assured that you’re going to get the best services possible. We use the most effective method of treating fleas so you can get the complete relief you desire. Of course, the only way we can do this is with your help. There are some things you will need to do in your home in addition to the treatments we provide to achieve the best results. We’ll discuss this more when you schedule flea treatment services.

Understanding Fleas

If you’re not very familiar with fleas here are some important facts to know so that you can get better results with your flea removal efforts.

  • Fleas are only 1/12″ to 1/6″ in size and are flat.
  • Fleas do not have wings but they are excellent jumpers and this is how they get from point a to b.
  • The cat flea is the most common type of flea and will choose dogs, cats, humans, rodents, opossums, rats and other critters.
  • If fleas are left on your pet without being treated they can transfer tapeworms to your pet and cause anemia.

Flea Removal & Prevention in Indianapolis

If you need help getting control of the horrible fleas that have invaded your property it’s time to call our Indianapolis flea exterminators at 317-520-9800 today to learn more about our flea control treatments and process and what you can do to help with the process of eliminating these unwanted pests.