Spider Control for Indianapolis

At Bed Bug Treatments for Indianapolis every pest is taken seriously. Spiders are just one of the many pests many Indianapolis residents have been dealing with lately.  There are many reasons one might look to an expert for help with spider extermination and we’re always here to help, even if you just have some questions.

Indianapolis Spider Exterminators

Most people simply don’t like seeing spiders in their home. If you are one of these people then our spider control professionals can help! It’s often helpful to first remove any other insects you may have, in order to prevent spiders from coming back. Spiders are feeding on the other tiny insects, bugs and even other spiders in your home. Eliminating the food source for the spiders is a very helpful step in spider extermination.

indianapolis spider control
We will treat the spiders and other pests on your property!

Whenever you think you may have seen a poisonous spider, you should call our spider control of Indianapolis experts at 317-520-9800 right away. You need to do this to protect your family and pets. There are two main types of poisonous spiders in the Indianapolis area: The brown recluse and the black widow. You may be able to easily kill a spider in sight, but that doesn’t protect you from poisonous spiders that could be hiding in other areas. And if you see one, you want to eliminate the risk that more are hiding nearby.

Black Widow Removal in Indianapolis

The black widow spider is a shiny black color with a red hourglass shape underneath. They have commonly been seen in barns, sheds, and basements. When reaching into hidden areas that you can’t clearly see you should always wear gloves to avoid being bit.

Brown Recluse Experts in Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, IN, brown recluse spiders are not very big. They are typically a brown color with a black stripe down their back. They also tend to build messy looking webs, nothing like the neat, patterned webs other spiders create. You will find them often in garages, closets, basements and woodpiles.

Call For Complete Spider Removal

Regardless of whether your spiders are harmless or poisonous, our Indianapolis spider control professionals are here to help you. Our spider exterminators will take care of your current spider problem, as well as help or suggest ways to prevent more spiders in the future. Just give us a call at 317-520-9800 today!